Applique & Raster ADA Brass Signage

In public areas such as commercial buildings, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals, ADA-compliant signage that includes Braille helps visually disadvantaged individuals to navigate the facility. ADA guidelines require Braille signage on all indoor wayfinding signs: This includes restroom signs, permanent room numbers, and directional signage in the building.

The way that information is displayed on ADA signs varies by production method. One of those  methods is Applique with Raster Braille.   

Production Methods Used for ADA Signs with Applique and Raster Braille

According to the Department of Justice’s ADA guidelines, ADA-compliant Braille signage must use specific techniques in order to comply. Bell Company manufactures and wholesales the following methods for producing ADA signs:

  • Photopolymer 
  • Thermoforming (also called Thermo-compression and Durabell®) 
  • Applique with Braille raster beads
  • Applique with Bead Braille
  • UV Direct Color Digital printing

Common materials for making ADA-compliant raised letter and Braille signs include photopolymer, acrylic, plastic engraving stock, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, laminates and wood.

Tactile lettering is placed on signs to communicate messages to those who have low vision or are otherwise visually disadvantaged. The rasters are pressed into a sign with an engraver/router or laser engraver.  The process of applique and raster braille is generally the quickest and easiest production method.

The applique method of applying the raised 1/32” letters or symbols,  requires  laying plastic on plastic, which involves adhering a second layer of plastic with the 1/32” graphics onto the face of the sign. 

Because this process does not require painting, the method is also ideal for adding tactile lettering to brass, aluminum, laminates or wood that do not need a custom painted background color.

Making Sure You Get High-Quality Applique Braille Signage

So how can a designer, sales rep, builder, or developer make sure they get the signage they expect and need?  Only through care and consideration throughout the process. For instance, seeing photos or samples of concepts to ensure it meets your specifications is the easiest way.  Paper proofs of your design, shown at the beginning of a project is another way we can give you a visual ahead of time, as to exactly how we will create your ADA signs.

Working with Bell Company, Inc. on all your ADA signage, and other signage needs, ensures you will get the best signs in terms of design, functionality, and ADA compliancy. We are industry leaders in the field, and have Braille readers on our team who will make sure your signs fully comply.

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