Thermo-Compression Indoor and Outdoor Signs

Commercial building owners have to be cognizant of their wayfinding signage, all in an effort to best serve their patrons. Building Owners are required to display ADA signs in their facilities to help visually impaired and otherwise disadvantaged individuals find their way around the building.  Wayfinding signage entails signs other than ADA-compliant ones as well. Signage can be made from many types of materials. 

Thermocompression is one of the many materials that Bellco manufactures and offers Wholesale to the trade. 

Our Thermoforming Expertise

Thermoforming is not a new technique, but is the most recent one to have been introduced to the ADA sign industry. Bellco has quickly adopted thermoforming, and has been using it successfully for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions about Thermocompression Signage

Thermoformed ADA signs are extremely durable. Here are some reasons why thermocompressed signage could suit your situation: Because thermoformed signage is made with acrylic that is formed with heat and pressure, a solid, single-piece acrylic ADA sign face is produced. This results in a more durable product that those that are composed of multiple materials adhere to each other. Thermocompression allows for embedded graphics that encase images between layers of acrylic with a bond that cannot delaminate or be pulled apart. Thermoformed signs are suitable for non-climate controlled areas and exterior conditions. These signs can be subsurface or surface painted, making them top choices for exterior and harsh environments. They can also be made photoluminescent (A.K.A. glow in the dark). For ADA signs, the Braille letters are perfectly rounded. Thermoformed signs are highly malleable; they can be made into any shape or size, and painted with any colors.
This type of ADA signage is made through a process called thermoforming, which entails: Creating a mold for the sign; Placing an acrylic sheet on top of the mold; Exposing the mold and acrylic sheet to high heat and 10 tons of pressure; Allowing the sheet to cool; Routing the compressed sheet into finished sign sizes; Painting the background color of the sign, either surface painted or subsurface painted and Silkscreening the raised 1/32” text and or symbols of the sign.

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Here at Bell Company, Inc., we have all the technology and proven experience needed to manufacture stunning thermoformed ADA signs and other signage that are easy-to-read and fully compliant, for virtually every building visitor. Contact us for a quote and we’ll talk about what sign type and make will work best for you your client’s needs.    

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