Manual Engravers

PM-3.jpg PM-3 Manual Engraving machine
Easy, Quiet, Elementary & Simple are words that describe the operation of the PM-3, but not the results you will achieve!
PM-5CA.jpg PM-5CA Manual Engraving Machine

The PM-5CA is a medium size engraver used for engraving objects up to 12-1/2". This machine will accept high and bulky objects since the vise is deeper than most.

KIT-300.jpg KIT-300
PM-3 Engraver with standard accessories Table Shear for Plastic KB-600 Beveler #810-010 12 holding jigs 6 Veneer Calipers Micrometer Depth Gauge Desk Plate Holders 2 x 8 (10 gold, 10 Silver) 20 pc. 2 x 8 engraving stock 100 pc. 1 x 3 pin on badge blanks