ADA & Wayfinding Signage

At Bell Company, we specialize in high-end, customized unique ADA Braille signage. We provide several product options to match the specific design and quality needs for any interior or exterior environment. From new construction to existing renovations, we can guide you through the process while providing ADA expertise and the highest quality signage to meet your client’s budget.

women's lockers ada compliant sign

ADA Signs

The American’s With Disabilities Act (ADA) provides considerations to help the blind and those visual impairments, to successfully navigate public spaces.
Bell Company, Inc. manufactures ADA signs for ease of wayfinding in these facilities.

From letter height, font choice, braille placement, color contrast and spacing, we will assist you in making sure your signs are ADA compliant, as well as providing a guide for proper placement, when installing these signs.


By law, all messages on ADA signs must be include a Grade 2 Braille translation, placed 3/8” minimum below the last line of text.
Unlike Grade I, Grade II Braille is a short hand version, that contains contractions as well as single characters to represent an entire word.

Bellco utilizes Duxbury Braille Translation Software to ensure accuracy of our braille.

Frame Systems

We are a distributor of, and offer a full line of JRS and Vista Frame Sign Systems to complement our ADA and Wayfinding Signage.

We also offer stand-offs, projection mount sign and ceiling mount brackets

Our Range of ADA Manufacturing Processes

We offer a wide variety of options for producing Tactile Signage to meet your client’s needs.